"AA[n+1] Architecture & Analysis transdisciplinary project" started with an association of freelance curators.

AA[n+1] designs transdisciplinary events related to Art and Architecture by associating, through projects of creation and production, an architect or an innovating artist with a specialist of another field of investigation. ART[n+1] Gallery  brings the architecture gallery opened by AA[n+1] in 2013.


From 2012 to 2017, AA[n+1] through its Research Laboratory and Masterclass LAB[n+1], proposed to explore multiple and varied fields of production beyond the sphere traditionally dedicated to Architecture. Inevitably, areas of creation, such as art, architecture, design or graphics have not failed to be considered. But also the scientific (biology, medicine, industry, technology) and theoretical (philosophy, sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis) fields.

AA[n+1] detaches itself from its LAB[n+1] activities in 2018 to transmit them to AREA Institute.

Hence AA[n+1] puts forward its ART[n+1] Gallery  and the accompanying projects.



Leslie Ware

Founder and Director

Leslie Ware has been working continuously at the frontiers of various disciplines. Her topics tackle the theories of space, void and its limits in architecture, contemporary art and psychoanalysis.

Following a Master Degree in Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, she pursues academic researches in Psychoanalytic Studies leading to a PhD obtained in 2013. While emphasizing theoretical researches, she becomes Architect and graduates summa cuma laude in 2007 with her thesis entitled : “Border lines of computational architecture” from the architecture school ESA-Paris, applying algorithmic methodologies learned at Pratt Institute NY in 2003. She’s now actively involved in art&architecture curating first in art galleries, then for AA[n+1] - Arch.&Analysis she founds in 2012.


Pierre Cutellic


Pierre Cutellic is a French architect, designer and artist. He holds a first Master of Architecture from E.N.S.A.T. (Toulouse, France) and graduated at E.N.S.A.P.M. (Paris,France) in 2007 where he started teaching and lecturing digital technologies and practices in 2006. He joined Gehry Technologies in Europe in 2008 as a Project Consultant and worked until 2012 on various large-scale cultural projects across Europe and the UAE for the development of generative project and design automation systems. In 2012, Pierre founded The Computational Monkeys, an architecture and design firm, through which he pursues his design work and research. From 2014 to 2016, Pierre was appointed scientific collaborator at E.P.F.L. to direct and develop innovative knowledge in experimental design and fabrication. Since 2017, he is currently a Phd Fellow at the Institute of Technology for Architecture ETH Zürich, Chair of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD). Apart from promoting emerging talents in the field of computational arts, design and architecture, Pierre's current interests and focus of research is on neurotechnologies, cognitive science, perceptual and cognitive curation.

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