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Post-Digital Drawing in Architecture and Art 

Edouard Cabay

For his first exhibition in France, architect Edouard Cabay presents an original installation that continues his investigation on the notion of deviation (recently presented at Santa Mònica Art Center, Barcelona).

Taking up an artistic and architectural tradition, Second Deviation explores an automated drawing process that combines digital and robotic technologies with mechanical devices. Against the subjectivity associated with the act of drawing, Cabay’s works emerge as objective, graphic traces of spatial apparatuses and temporal processes, simultaneously physical and informational.

For the exhibition at AREA Institute, Cabay has imagined a protocol where the regular counting of time, by means of a pendulum, is inscribed upon a canvas. This system is “augmented” by a robotic arm that activates the ensemble. The apparent simplicity of the drawings, almost disconcerting, could be understood as mirroring that of the apparatus which, albeit including robotics as its driving principle, remains mechanical. 



Exhibition curated by Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou.

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Edouard Cabay, Second Deviation, 2018

October 13th -  November 10th, 2018 

Opening Saturday 13th, from 6 - 9 pm